YANG Energy Amulet Plaque

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The Yang Energy Amulet Plaque brings renewed vigour and vitality to anyone who feels they are in a rut, who have hit a “plateau” in their career path, or who feels tired or overworked. This powerful remedy overcomes the Yin Energy that has accumulated over time, and having this in the home infuses the living space with vibrant chi that dissolves any stale energy that can attract illness, tiredness, carelessness and loss. Place anywhere in the home to rejuvenate the energies of the space.
Makes a fabulous housewarming gift for anyone moving into a new home, as it dispels negative energy that may be left over from previous occupants.
Any animal sign with the Reducing Energy Star, Yin House Star, or with weak element luck levels will benefit tremendously from having this Amulet Plaque in the home.
· Width: 1.5 cm
· Length: 15.3 cm
· Height: 12.5 cm
· Weight: 210 grams
. Make: Metal Plated and Fibreboard