Feng Shui Tips

Discount Slide 2023 – YEAR OF WATER RABBIT Slide GOOD NEWS
• This is a year ripe with WEALTH, full of OPPORTUNITIES AND STRONG GROWTH LUCK.
• The year also has some very AUSPICIOUS STARS that can help tremendously when correctly activated.
• 2023 is a year with significant POTENTIAL & great WEALTH to be made; but it is also a year with AFFLICTIONS that must be REMEDIED.
2023 – YEAR OF WATER RABBIT Year 2023 – Year of Water RABBIT, while it is a lot less fierce than the Tiger, it is unlikely to be docile and domesticated kind. The year’s chart is also very unbalanced – indicating appropriate REMEDIES are essential to ensure one can enjoy & reap the very best that the year has to offer.
Slide MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THE YEAR WITH THE RIGHT ADVISE ON THE CORRECT FENG SHUI APPLICATION/ PLACEMENTS – COUPLED WITH GOOD MOTIVATION. START YOUR YEAR RIGHT WITH POTENTIAL ABUNDANCE OF WEALTH, SUCCESS & GREAT OPPORTUNITIES IN YEAR 2023 Slide Check out our new arrivals in our Website and WOFS Singapore boutique at #04-14 Singapore Shopping Center, Singapore 239924 IT IS TIME OF THE YEAR TO UPDATE THE ANNUAL FENG SHUI OF YOUR HOME & OFFICE Reminder: It is extremely IMPORTANT that Original Genuine WOFS Feng Shui products with Complete & Correct Mantras inscribed on the Feng Shui products, are used to Remedy and/or Enhance your Residence / Office. This is to maximize the result of Feng Shui placements in your space. Copies and Fake Products may NOT generate the desired results/outcome; and potentially may cause adversities.