Since we opened our first retail boutique in Singapore in 2007, we have conducted numerous consultations for:



Corporate Offices


Retails Shops


Projects such as Hotels, Shopping Malls, Universities, Golf Courses, etc.


Projects with Celebrities and other VVIP customers.

In Singapore, our Feng Shui Audits & Consultations are headed by Amelia Neo, who not only owns the business, but is a close friend and working partner of Grand Master Lillian Too.  Her ability to analyze and provide sound practical solutions to all our customers problems & issues is something that all our customers truly appreciate.
In addition, integrity is her prime concern and thus, it is her philosophy to bring good credibility to all matters related to Feng Shui, to professionally address our customers’ needs and problems. She is certainly one very special, dynamic and compassionate Consultant who has helped and will continuously help many people to improve and transform their lives for the better, be it Personal Life or the Corporate World.