ATN Prime Solutions Pte Ltd is the ONLY Master Franchise – World of Feng Shui in Singapore (WOFS Singapore).
WOFS Singapore is where Feng Shui makes a Difference – with a touch of modern application of Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times.
We continuously educate and provide information on the correct Feng Shui applications, appropriate remedies, enhancers, etc. to all our valued customers.

Your Living Space


Your Working Space


Your Personal (Individual) Wearing

We also design, create and customize auspicious Corporate Gifts for events such as companie’s Annual Conference, Launching of Companies’ events, Private Parties, Weddings, etc. Such fine genuine pieces of work will certainly bring more auspicious and jubilant meaning to the respective event.
We invite you to embark onto a journey of Good Living with World of Feng Shui Singapore for your Living, Working and Commercial space.