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Earthly Luck – Feng Shui of Your Living & Working Space
We provide professional consultations for your Residence, Office and Commercial properties that come with comprehensive report and a touch of Modern Feng Shui. Talk to us when you want to build own your Dream Home, Renovate your Residence and/or Office.
We can work with you to change the Time Dimension (Period) of your home. It is always ideal to live and/or work in a property that belongs to the current Time Dimension (Period) so that the energies are always fresh and you are able to tap onto the good energies maneuvering in your property.
In addition, we will also advise how you can use Water energy to enhance and activate your Wealth luck.
Heavenly Luck – Paht Chee Analysis (8 Characters Reading)
When you feel you are at a “Cross Road” or at a “Bottleneck” situation in your life endeavors…. to make the right decision to make that change in your life…. when things do not seem to be smooth for you, when there are issues that really bother you ……etc., etc…… do not hesitate to contact us to have an analysis of your Paht Chee.
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