Our Auspicious Jewelries in “Gift of Gold” range are specially and uniquely designed for our clients – bringing much Auspiciousness & Good Luck to all the Wearers. The following are some useful information on our Gift of Gold Jewelry pieces:
• Made of genuine solid Gold – 18K;
• The colored stones used in some of the pieces are semi-precious stones and top AAA grade Zircons;
• Each piece is distinctively designed to bring out the exclusivity and the meaning & purpose of each auspicious piece;
• There are computations of auspicious measurements for these GOG jewelries;
• All orders for the Gift of Gold range will need to take approximately 3 weeks for delivery;
• All designs are copyright of WOFS.


We also have available uniquely customized auspicious jewelries based on clients’ requests. This is especially for our Phat Chee customers where the results of the analysis can determine what type of stones, color stones, etc., will be suitable base on the person’s Phat Chee analysis. We can individually design auspicious symbols, etc., to suit the clients’ Phat Chee. Our jewelries are made from genuine solid Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold with precious stones and diamonds (subject to customers’ preference).
We can arrange for advisory sessions on your interest for customized jewelries:
• base on your Phat Chee
• for your special occasions
• as special gifts for your loved ones
• as your auspicious fashion wear – throughout the year !
Please contact us at (65) 88761188, or Email us at: We will be pleased to attend to all your inquiries. We can arrange for our Senior Consultant to have a chat with you to design your most ideal and auspicious assortment of customized jewelries.

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