Introduction to Paht Chee (Ba Zi)
Paht Chee has a high accuracy level of revealing your Heavenly Luck; and it takes up One Third of the luck in your entire life cycle. Earthly luck (refers to Feng Shui application) takes up another One Third; and Mankind Luck takes up the final One Third of your luck in your life.
When you practiced Feng Shui correctly, you can potentially improve your Earthly Luck. Paht Chee knowledge enhances your Feng Shui practice and when it is used correctly, it will maximize your success potential and happiness.
Being able to forecast between good and bad years gives you a competitive edge in life. Knowing in advance about bad luck periods can make a big difference between losing a few dollars versus losing a fortune; OR between sustaining a minor injury versus a serious or fatal mishap.
Destiny, however, is one part of the equation of life and fate is one third of our Luck Cycle. Success, health and wealth are abstractions. How much or how little we have each of this component, depend on ourselves. In the same way, how much we deem enough is also our own decision. In the end, it is what we make out of our own life and what is given to us that decides the directions and quality of our life.
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