(BIG Version) Tree Of Life 5 Element Pagoda

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The Five Yellow, makes its way into the Southeast this year. The happy news is that because the Southeast is a Wood Sector, this mitigates the extent of damage this dangerous Earth star can do, as Wood destroys Earth in the cycle of elements. Indeed, when the Five Yellow flies into a Wood sector, misfortune can be turned into opportunity. This is why we have designed this year’s Five Element Pagoda together with a Tree of Life. This alters the effects of the wu wang, suppressing the darker side of this star while harnessing its more benevolent powers.
This star particularly affects those living in homes that face SE, those with bedrooms or work rooms in the SE, and those born in years of the Dragon and Snake. If your house has more than one level, make sure you have a Five Element Pagoda with Tree of Life on every floor. Remember to keep the SE of the home free from too much activity and noise this year and avoid renovations in this part of the home in 2021.
•Weight: 1020 grams
•Height: 23.0 cm
•Length: 5.0 cm
•Width: 5.0 cm
•Make: Metal Product