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for Dissolving Quarrels & Conflict Energies
This enthralling red apple fashioned in the highest quality resin features gold leaf flakes within, that take on the appearance of cosmic matter in the universe. Embossed onto the apple are two powerful amulets, the Anti-Argument Amulet to prevent conflict from flaring up and getting out of control, and the Anti-Gossip Amulet to protect against trouble caused by loose tongues. The captivating luminous red and gold colors represent Fire and Metal energy, to subdue the quarrelsome Wood energies of the #3.
In 2022, place in the East.
• Weight: 590 grams
• Diameter: Apple – 8.0 cm, Stand – 9.3 cm
• Height: 12.0 cm
• Make: Resin & Acrylic
• Make: Metal plated and fireboard