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This year the best cure for the #7 star in the home is the Anti-Burglary Plaque with Door Guardians. These Door Gods with spear in the ready are depicted with the Anti-Burglary Amulet, with the Chinese proverb, “May your family be blessed with peace, safety and abundant joy, May your home be filled with everlasting happiness.” Displaying this powerful plaque in the NW will ensure your home stays protected against unexpected and unwanted intruders, who may cause not just loss of property and possessions, but loss of peace of mind. These Door Guardians will ensure you can sleep easy, and your family stays protected through the year.
· Width: 1.4 cm
· Length: 15.5 cm
· Height: 12.3cm
· Weight: 210 grams
· Make: Metal plated and fireboard