Trio Of Wealth Gods Sitting On Tiger Plaque


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The Tiger is an excellent symbol of protection, but when accompanied by Wealth Deities, they are also a tremendous symbol of wealth. In 2022, because there are three Tigers in the chart, every household gains from displaying this Trio of Tigers with Wealth Deities Zhang Dao Ling, Kwan Kung and Tsai Shen Yeh.
Zhang Dao Ling is the founder of the Celestial Master School of Taoism, which brings the wisdom of balance, insight and going with the flow. Kwan Kung is the Warrior God of Wealth, best loved by Chinese tycoons, businessmen and those who play in high stake arenas. Tsai Shen Yeh protects against poverty and hard times, and when good opportunities arise, he ensures you do not miss them.
Displaying this auspicious trio brings the three Tigers in the year’s chart under control, attracting prosperity energies and great good fortune.
· Weight: 295 grams
· Height: 7.0 cm
· Length: 15.0 cm
· Width: 3.5 cm
· Make: Metal / Acrylic Base