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featuring the 6 Celestials
These charms feature the Supremacy of Heaven Energy Wheel together with 6 celestial animals bringing pure heaven energy.
– The Windhorse vanquishes competition and actualises success
– The Dragon Horse generates HoTu luck and defeats ignorance
– The Celestial Deer epitomizes health and protects against illness
– The Pi Yao brings the Tai Sui onto your side
– The Dragon Tortoise offers support and sustenance
– The Heavenly Ox signifies strength, persistence and productivity
Clip this lucky energizer onto your bag to transform negative vibes into positive heavenly energy, and to attract in an abundance of good fortune luck.
• Weight: 55 grams
• Length: 25.0 cm
• Make: Alloy
• Charm Height: 2.5 cm – 3.0 cm
• Charm Width: 1.6 cm – 3.5 cm