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To attract help from powerful and influential people
Display this windchime featuring the Jade Emperor and the Gui Ren Talisman to attract the help of powerful and influential people. His image has been painted in full resplendent colour, with the windchime painted blue to represent heaven energy. Blue is also the colour of wealth in 2022.
Activating the luck of powerful mentors brings individuals into your life who impart you with great wisdom and open many important doors for you. If you are on the cusp of success and need such people in positions of power to make the difference, having this activator within your living space attracts just such individuals into your life.
In 2022, the #6 Heaven Star flies to the Northwest, the sector of the Patriarch and Leader. Place this windchime in the NW to gain the support of your boss and the help of influential acquaintances who open up whole new world to you.
· Weight: 175 grams
· Height (Stand): 25.0 cm
· Height: 19.5 cm
· Length: 8.5 cm
· Width: 6.0 cm
· Make: Metal / Arcylic