8 Auspicious Earth Ru Yi – Blue

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This Blue Ru Yi with 8 Auspicious Symbols brings the luck of wealth, and suits bosses and leaders whose purpose is to maximize profits and wealth. Features the Victory Banner for winning luck, the Double Fish for abundance, the Parasol for protection, the Conch for good news, the Wheel for sustainability, the Mystic Knot for longevity, the Vase for completion and the Lotus for good intentions. These symbols of good fortune are the magical implements of the Eight Immortals, and act as vessels of their power. Carrying images of their magical symbols imbues the bearer with a complete collection of the various kinds of good fortune luck one needs to reach one’s potential as leader.
– Weight: 470 grams
– Height: 5.3 cm
– Length: 16.5 cm
– Width: 4.8 cm
– Make: Metal