Victorious Wind Horse Carrying Jewel

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The Victorious Wind Horse is the very essence of success luck, well-known in legends as the magical steed of the folk hero King Gesar. His flaming red coat has become synonymous with success and placing his image anywhere in the home brings success luck to all residents.
Whether it is success in your career, in business, in politics or in scholarly pursuits you are after, having the Wind Horse Carrying Jewel in your living space boosts your capacity for getting ahead.
In 2021, we recommend placing this Wind Horse in the SOUTH, which plays host to the year’s Victory Star. The South is also the sector of the Horse, governed by Fire energy, so placing the red Wind Horse here is fabulously auspicious indeed!
· Weight: 590 grams
· Height: 12.0 cm
· Length: 11.3 cm
. Width: 5.3 cm
· Make: Metal