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Best Remedy for the Five Yellow
The Five Yellow brings all kinds of mishaps that span the whole spectrum of emotions and life aspirations. It can cause loss of wealth, loss of income, loss of good health, damage to relationships and so forth. The best remedy against the Five Yellow is the Five Element Pagoda.
In 2022, the Five Yellow is strong, thus we have designed this year’s pagoda to feature the powerful Heart Sutra. Each home this year should have the Heart Sutra Pagoda in the center of the home.
This miniature Heart Sutra Pagoda meanwhile has been designed for individual rooms, or for use when the monthly Five Yellow flies into your animal sign location or into a sector of the home or office that you spend a lot of time in.
· Weight: 75 grams
· Height: 7.0 cm
· Length: 2.0 cm
· Width: 2.4 cm
· Make: Metal