Armored Elephant & Rhinoceros


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To Remedy the Loss Star #7
The best remedy for the #7 Robbery and Loss Star are the Elephant and Rhino displayed together. This duo makes an excellent team to ward off danger of break-ins, robbery, betrayals, violence and money loss. This pair has been designed with elaborate armour to provide the ideal protection against the Loss Star. Their coats are in deep blue almost black hue to represent the element of deep water, which serves to exhaust the harmful Metal energies of the #7.
Display in the home to keep the household safe from harm, and in the office to safeguard against unscrupulous competition, difficult market situations and traitors from within your organization.
This pair should be placed in the West sector of the home or office in year 2022.
· Weight: 890 grams
· Height: 11.5 cm
· Length: 13.0 cm
· Width: 6.0 cm
· Make: Resin