28 HUMS Protection Wheel

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Another form of harm can come from those who practice black magic and the dark arts. Someone who projects negative thoughts against you, whether out of spite, jealousy or some other reason, does not even have to be skilled in these methods in order to send negative hexes and projectiles your way.
The best protection against this kind of harm are a series of Hums, the sacred syllable that dispels all that is evil, malicious and negative. This year we have the 28 Hum Protection Wheel, which features the powerful Heart Sutra on the back. These sacred syllables together with this powerful sutra ensures that whatever projectiles are sent your way cannot reach you. It is important for anyone who may have enemies, who are engaged in high stakes deals or games, or even anyone who with intending offended someone unintentionally. This 28 Hums Protection Wheel is also excellent to guard against the random evil forces that get unleashed during Hungry Ghost Month, and during the dark half of the year.
· Weight: 355 grams
· Height: 15.0 cm
· Diameter: 9.0 cm
· Make: Metal