Wealth Lock Coin Amulet


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To Protect Against Losing Money
This Wealth Lock Amulet keeps one’s wealth and assets safe. During times of economic volatility, or when afflicted with loss stars in one’s chart, preserving wealth becomes even more important than generating new wealth. Carry this talisman to ensure you preserve your wealth so your net worth can continue to grow.
On the front are the Chinese words “Jin Yi Liang” which translates to ounce of gold, and “Nan Bu Ma Si” which means “winning at the races and in the stock market”. On the back is the powerful Dakini Wealth Amulet, with images of treasure, golden coins and ingots. Suitable for those involved in risky investments, who speculate on the stock market, or who takes any kind of gamble.
• Weight: 41.0 grams
• Diamter: 5.0 cm
• Length: 10.0 cm
• Make: Metal