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For Health, Wealth and Harmony
In Chinese, five bats, “Wu Fu Lin Men” means five blessings, symbolizing wealth, health, longevity, virtue and happiness. Display this red carpet in the home to attract good fortune from the 5 directions – North, South, East, West and the heavens.
Red carpets are also the best antidote against the #3 Hostility Star. Place this carpet wherever the #3 star has flown to. In 2022, the #3 star flies to the EAST.
You can also place this carpet where the monthly #3 star flies to – particularly if relations between household members suddenly take a turn for the worse, or if outsiders pick fights for you for no reasons.
· Weight: 565 grams
· Height: 60.0 cm
· Length: 90.0 cm
· Make: Polyester