Bejewelled Medicine Buddha & 7 Sugatas Gau (with health mantras)

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There is no better remedy against health afflictions than Medicine Buddha & the 7 Sugatas. Medicine Buddha always come to the aid of those who are suffering when one calls for his help. He removes poisons, disease and illnesses. Place in a prominent place of the home or living room to stay under his protection constantly , or wherever the illness star occurs. Excellent for anyone who is ill, feeling unwell or elderly with health problems. It is recommended for keeping the entire household/office safe against contagious diseases and even the corona virus. Chant his mantra to further empower this cure: TADYATA OM BHEKANDZYE BHEKANDYE MAHA BHEKANDZYE (BHEKANDZYE) RADZA SAMUGATE SOHA (21x)
· Width: 3.5 cm
· Length: 9.5 cm
· Height: 12.0 cm
· Weight: 880 grams
. Make: Metal