Crimson Phoenix Lunar Mansion Talisman

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This Talisman invokes the energies of the Lunar Mansions to help you get your timing right for everything you do or undertake.
It generates all the positive attributes of the Crimson Phoenix, bringing power, positivity, wit, bravery, rejuvenation and opportunities. The Phoenix is famed for its ability to rise from the ashes, and to transform adversity into opportunity. If things have been going wrong, carrying the Phoenix turns your luck around, bringing new good fortune your way.
This talisman is excellent for anyone born in the summer months, for anyone wishing to invoke the qualities of this magnificent creature, and in 2021, especially lucky for the Snake, Monkey & Rooster born.
Carry to ensure you get your timing right for everything you do.
· Weight: 50 grams
· Height: 12.5 cm
· Length: 5.8 cm
. Make: Metal