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Every household benefits from the presence of the Heavenly Water Dragon. Place this Dragon in the center of your home and of your office. The celestial Dragon is the ultimate symbol of good fortune and its deep blue colour and clouds suggest its heavenly origins. The Celestial Dragon is auspicious wherever he is displayed, but in year 2021, he especially benefits the center part of the home.
Placing this Heavenly Dragon here will attract plenty of new and lucrative opportunities into your life, as well as the patrons, mentors and contacts you need to support you in whatever path you choose to take. Individuals and organizations in a position to help you, and to open doors for you, will somehow find their way into your life.
The presence of the celestial Dragon in the home always attracts abundance and success. Inviting in this azure Dragon brings a very special kind of good fortune indeed.
· Weight: 945 grams
· Height: 12.0 cm
· Length: 24.0 cm
· Width: 6.0 cm
· Make: Metal