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Lion Dance at WOFS Singapore

Lion Dances made their appearances at the WOFS Singapore boutiques at VivoCity and Tras Street, during the last two daysof the Chinese New Year, to mark the beginning of a good, prosperous and healthy New Year for all its Customers, Staff and Management of WOFS Singapore…….
Were you there ?
WOFS Singapore at VivoCity was transformed into an electric magnet, attracting throngs of shoppers, when the clock hit 3.08pm, on 28th February, 2010. The Lions had arrived to bring well wishes and entertainment to all who had gathered well before they arrived to the claps and eager eyes of young and old. With the traditional gongs and clanging of the cymbals, the lions paraded with a mesmerizing charm into the Boutique to bring in Good luck and Prosperity for the new year !
As a symbol of sharing the good fortune, the lions teasingly spewed goodies from their mouths $1 coins, chocolates ingots, and mandarin oranges into the air, resulting in people eagerly collecting the goodies that landed on the floor. This generated a lot of ‘yang’ energy that you could really feel if you were there.
The lions dance ended with presentation of a lucky scroll to Mr & Mrs Neo. It was the last day of the Chinese New Year, but also marked the beginning of a brand new year which the Lions had bestowed to those who had been there to receive the Luck.
For your information, a day earlier, the Lions had also visited our <strong>Tras Street Boutique/ HQ &amp; Consultation Centre</strong>, bringing along with them a big cheering crowd and avid photgraphers. The thunderous gongs and cymbals infused the air with a magical energy amidst the tranced-like dance leading from the entrance and into the boutique and office inside. Everyone there was rewarded with a wonderful treat to the Lion dance.
If you miss it, make a note to be there next year. Otherwise, I am sure you were well entertained and had received the good luck that the Lions had given you !
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