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For Matrimonial Harmony between Husband and Wife
Featuring the Double Happiness symbol on one side, and the Dragon and Phoenix with Love Amulet on the other, this lock coin protects matrimonial harmony between husband and wife and keeps the marriage strong. Display in the SW, the sector representing love, or in the sector with the Peach Blossom Star.
A great wedding gift for any couple getting married as it symbolizes a strong, loving and lasting marriage. Also, a wonderful gift for husband and wife to give to each other as a wedding anniversary present.
In 2022, this is useful protection against the Star of Loneliness and the Toxic Star, which threaten to disturb even the strongest of relationships. Placing this in the SE will help ensure your marriage endures through good times and bad, and to prevent outside third parties from entering to make trouble.
• Weight: 105 grams
• Height: 6.5 cm
• Length: 7.5 cm
• Width: 2.5 cm
• Make: Metal & Arcylic Base