Magic Golden Earth Dragon


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The Dragon is one of the most widely loved symbols of good fortune. Having images of Dragons in the home attracts abundance and success, and every kind of good fortune. For the Chinese, the Dragon is always associated with leadership, courage and power. It has always been the official symbol of the Emperor, bestowing on rulers the heavenly mandate to lead. In feng shui, the precious energy or “chi” is colourfully dubbed the “Dragon’s breath”, and anywhere the Dragon is found is said to enjoy good feng shui.
This Dragon is a powerful Earth Dragon… long and auspicious! It is alert and full of vitality and simply excellent to have in the house. Place on a side cabinet or on the work desk. This Earth Dragon infuses powerful growth and vitality into the home. It also makes a superb activator for the Heavenly Star #6, unifying heaven and earth energy to bring fabulous abundance luck into the home.
• Weight: 1325 grams
• Height: 16.0 cm
• Length: 21.0 cm
• Width: 7.0 cm
• Make: Metal