GOG TAM w/TARA Mantra Pendant (PTZ 8493)


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The Goddess Mother Tara is the most well-known Tibetan Deity to bring good fortune. With devoted faith & prayer, Mother Tara grants children to childless couples, wealth to the poor, good health to the sick and marriage to those who are single. This beautiful 18K solid gold pendant features Her unique emblem – seed syllable TAM in the center with Her mantra OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA delicately crafted around TAM. Its center features a rhodium-plated moon-disk to accentuate Mother Tara’s TAM, radiating with auspicious light. Wear this special pendant and visualise that Mother Tara is always with you. She will bring you protection and help you actualize your wishes.
. Make: Genuine Solid 18K Gold
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