Bejewelled Rhino & Elephant

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This magnificent bejewelled Blue Elephant and Rhino pair are well-known cures against the #7 Hostility/Robbery Star. The #7 not only brings robbery, it also brings risk of money loss sustained in investments and speculation, and betrayal from those you believe you can trust. This makes it important to subdue the afflicted energies of this star wherever it appears each year.
In 2021, the #7 Loss Star flies into the Northwest of the Lo Shu square, making it more potent and thus more dangerous especially for the Patriarch and Male Bosses. To remedy, we suggest this pair of Blue Elephant and Rhino — which features the Anti-Robbery Amulet, with talisman feathers for both spiritual and material protection. Thus, this cure is preventative and not just protective.
· Weight: 830 grams
· Height: 7.0 cm
· Length: 12.5 cm
· Width: 6.5 cm
. Make: Metal