Bejewelled Manjushri Gau

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Invoke the power of Manjushri – Buddha of Wisdom with this beautiful Gau. This Gau is decorated with brilliant amber coloured crystals that invoke the power of Manjushri, the Buddha that “cuts through ignorance” – allowing you to access your vast inner knowledge and intelligence. If you are aiming for top results in exams or competing for scholarships, you will benefit by keeping this Gau amulet close to you. This home amulet also benefits anyone needing to make important decisions on a regular basis. Manjushri removes all obscuration from your mind, allowing you to think with incredible Clarity of Thoughts, see the Big Picture and make choices that lead to the Best Outcomes for you.
· Width: 2.5 cm
· Height: 6.3 cm
· Length: 5.3 cm
. Make: Metal