Bejewelled 3 Legged Toad With Water Lily

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Placing the 3 Legged “Wealth” Toad in your home attracts wealth into the home and safeguards against bad luck. Symbolizing the flow of money, the 3 legged toad should be placed facing inwards near the main door. Never place it in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. To encourage new inflows of wealth as well as to protect your wealth, you can also place one facing the main door and a second toad facing inwards. They should be placed on a low table or slightly elevated above the floor, but never higher than 3 feet above the floor. Note that you can place a maximum of nine such toads in your home, and they should be placed in different rooms, all coming from your auspicious directions. Keep the “Wealth” Toad clean and make sure that the area around where you place the toad is free of clutter.
· Weight: 420 grams
· Height: 4.0 cm
· Length: 10.5 cm
· Width: 10.0 cm
. Make: Metal