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Jewel Box

At 106m above sea level, Mount Faber is Singapore’s third highest hill, which is now a popular tourist attraction including local Singaporeans. The hill, which was originally known as Telok Blangah Hill was renamed to Mount Faber in July 1845. The first cableway system – linking Mount Faber and Sentosa Island was built in 1974. In the olden days, this was a popular haunt for lovers with its serene panoramic view of the surrounding nature and the harbor.
There were massive refurbishment works and a complete “make over” of this modest “aging” cable car station being carried out, to transform it to a fresh Yang vibrant tourist attraction. It was absolutely critical to bring the “zest” back to this iconic location.
It was indeed a challenging task due to its location on a hill and many old lustrous trees that are to be preserved in the midst of all the changes. This South facing property enjoyed the “sum of ten” (combination of mountain star and period stars adding up to 10 in every sector) in its Natal Chart. Such auspicious combinations do not happen very often, as they bring good success, good mentor luck, good relationships and abundance of good business. In addition, the auspicious Water star 8 is located in Southwest, whilst the auspicious Mountain star 8 is in the South. This means two auspicious no. 8 stars are located at the front – facing the sea – bringing lots of good luck, good fortune & prosperity to the building and its occupants. Moreover, the premise is surrounded with hills at the back and overlooking the sea at the front, is indeed a good landscape Feng Shui formation.
The flow of water feature at the entrance was corrected from flowing outwards to be flowing inwards to the building. Water that flows outwards from a property signifies “wealth flowing away”. The speed of the water was also to be reduced as it was deemed to be flowing down too fast and too harsh – signifying “wealth flowing away too quickly”,
The names of the restaurants, bar, etc., were also changed.  Since the identity of the premise had been changed to Jewel Box, it is more meaningful and auspicious to re-name all the restaurants, bistros, etc. to name of Gem Stones.
Gone were the old names and presto, now there are restaurants and eateries with names like Opal (Western-Continental delicacies), Sapphire (contemporary Chinese/Western gourmet), Empress Jade (famed Chinese cuisine by distinguished Chefs), Moonstone (great place to wind down with superb cocktail drinks) and Emerald Lodge (alfresco Western – Italian dining).
Most of the columns in the restaurants are round with flat ceilings to ensure no afflictions of “poison arrows”.  Specially imported Hiba wood with gentle curves (no sharp pointed edges) to support some of the building structures and integrating some of the mature Angsana Trees in the restaurants, truly gives the entire premise a total amazingly awesome look.
An impressive magnificent crystal chandelier was installed at the grand staircase that leads to some of the restaurants to energize Yang energies – especially auspicious in the Southwest sector.
Last but not least, the work areas of the management team and staff in the office were being arranged in such a way that all key personnel and employees sit and face their respective good direction.  Respective departments are allocated to the relevant sector that suits the nature of job function.
It is not surprising that this iconic Jewel on the Hill Top is now buzzing with lots of good business and patronagewithy endless flow of tourists & local Singaporeans.  It has also gained numerous recognition and awards for its unique architecture, design and deco.
Finally an auspicious date and hour were chosen for the grand re-opening of Jewel Box where many VIPs, governments officials, businessmen, etc., attended this splendid event. There were also magnificent breathtaking display of fireworks at the auspicious hour of the evening.
The final phase was to replace all the old cable cars to new ones with stylish design and comfortable seats. There are also new VIP cabins with luxurious leather seats and the glass floors are enhanced with Swarovski crystals. Even the arm rest are covered with Swarovski glittering crystal fabric.  One should really come and experience the mesmerizing gourmet experience and the brand new Jewel Cable Car ride. Together with its availability of superb Sky Dining in the luxurious cabins, riding the new Jewel Cable car is completely amazing and mind blowing – really makes you feel at the “top of the world” !
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