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Understanding the Luck of Numbers

Find Out What Numbers Work For You & Stick With Them
One’s lucky number is often associated with special or meaning to us.
For individuals, lucky numbers are usually related with our date of birth with all the single numbers added together until the whole date (day), month and year is reduced to a single number. That number, according to many systems of numerology, signifies the number that reveals your attitudes, personality and character. Other systems use your name to calculate your ruling number. This is done by assigning numbers to the letter of the alphabet and then adding all the numbers until the numbers are reduced to a single digit. This is then regarded as the number that most closely describes your attributes.
Of more importance than attributes, is the LUCK factor. Thus, the number of your birth date is most important. Hence if you are born on the 11th, then 11 is your lucky number. The more times your lucky numbers appears in your everyday life, the stronger will be the positive influence.
Numbers that combine well with number 8 are :
  • 3 is a ‘friend’ of 8, as these two numbers creates the auspicious ‘Ho Tu’ combination – brings lots of good prosperity luck with good health & longevity
  • 2 creates the ‘Sum of Ten’, and this is also considered very lucky – where all things will be “smooth sailing”
  • 1 and 6 creates the magic of 168, a combination of three very auspicious “white” numbers – Brings heavenly luck, victory & success plus abundance of wealth
The number 8 is very highly regarded as a particularly lucky number, especially during this era we are living in – period 8 Time Dimension (till year 2024). This is one of the three “white” numbers that brings prosperity and abundance of good luck & happiness. The number 8 also belongs to the Earth element, therefore it brings excellent Feng Shui foundation. If your birth date or KUA number is 8, this number holds special strength for you and you must work hard at having it always in your life. Wear number 8 pendant or any number 8 jewelry. It is very auspicious and lucky to wear a number 8 together with a mystic knot. It is very powerful to enhance everlasting wealth luck.
It is so auspicious that when China hosted the Olympic event in Beijing, the opening ceremony was held at exactly 8:08:08 on 8/8/2008. It turned out to be very auspicious and lucky for China as they did manage to sweep a record number of gold medals, more than any other country, and certainly more than they expected !
The number 9 is also a mega lucky number as it is also known as the “multiplier number”. If it is to combine with a number 4, it will result to a special “Ho Tu” combination that brings long lasting wealth. Couples or Business Partners with this KUA number combination will have good prosperity and business luck. It is also extremely lucky if it is pair with number 8 – which brings everlasting wealth and lots of money $$$. Thus, number 9 is regarded as a steadfast, long lasting number which unlocks a great deal of solid good fortune.
The number 6 is regarded as the number of Heaven. It brings great Heavenly luck for success and everything to “go smoothly”. The number 6 also favors the male gender – the Patriarch of the family. It is particularly beneficial for those in Leadership situation. It is very auspicious for them to have Ru Yi on their work desk or wear a Ru Yi pendant. It is very lucky to place 6 smooth crystal balls in the Northwest sector for Harmony in the family and also to energize this lucky 6 sector. Place a wealth bowl filled with lots of gold bars, gold ingots and crystals is also very powerful to enhance the number 6.
When two, three or four numbers combined, they evoke different luck meanings. So generally, double numbers strengthen the intrinsic luck of singular numbers. Most people believe – “good things come in pairs”. Thus, 88 or 99 are considered very lucky doubles.
Number 11 is regarded as a master number in numerology because it is the first number repeated twice. This is the number of balance and intuition. If your lucky number or birth date is 11, you will almost always find success depending on your intuition. Three 111s or four 1111s are also very special. These are the lucky numbers for those who are born on 11th January or 1st or 11th November.
Lucky combination of three different numbers is considered luckier than the same number appearing three times. Such trinity combination is known as trinity of Heaven, Earth and Mankind. The combination of the numbers 1, 6 and 8 is regarded as the most auspicious combination of all, especially if your KUA number is any of these three numbers. When people with KUA numbers 1, 6 and 8 work or live together, they activate the combination of these three numbers. It can be very powerful as Good Fortune & Wealth reigns effortlessly and seamlessly.
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