Red Pi Xie Wealth Carpet

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Pi Xie is a celestial creature closely associated with the Tai Sui – well known for its ability to attract wealth and also to protect the household. In addition, the features on this carpet also have the longevity symbol and mystic knot for good health and everlasting happiness.
The carpet comes in a vibrant red colour – representing Fire element energy, which is the Wealth element in 2021. Fire element is also the best cure for number 3 Quarrelsome Star. If there are strained relationships in the family, or if you find yourself fighting with people for no reason, look for the monthly and/or yearly number 3 star has flown to, and place this red carpet in the sector. You can fell things can instantly improve for the better. In year 2021, the number 3 star (Quarrelsome star) is located in the Southwest sector; and number 8 (Wealth & Prosperity star) is located in West sector.
· Width: 60 cm
· Length: 90 cm
. Make: Polyester