Jade Emperor Heaven Star Plaque (Mini)

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The Jade Emperor maximizes luck from Heaven, bringing imperial good fortune influences for all your undertakings. Display this plaque near you or in the Southeast sector to attract support from powerful/influential people. The Qui Ren amulet on the reverse side brings superior mentor luck, improving your rapport with your bosses, business associates and everyone who can help you.
This amulet manifests MENTOR LUCK, so it attracts someone powerful into your life who can open doors to success for you. It also brings help from the heavens and activates the Heaven Star #6.
When you enjoy the support of the Jade Emperor, it means your superiors or anyone who wields any kind of power over you will stay firmly on your side.
Excellent activator for Mentor Luck, Commanding Star and Heaven Star.
Suitable for’ anyone:
  • climbing the career ladder
  • dealing with bureaucracy
  • in need of investors or funding
  • requiring the goodwill of others
  • vulnerable to people in positions of power
· Weight: 70 grams
· Height: 7.0 cm
· Length: 4.5 cm
· Width: 2.0 cm
. Make: Metal & Acrylic