Bhrum Pendant (Blue)

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This beautiful locket is made from sterling silver, enamel coated and carries the powerful seed syllable of BHRUM, which brings its wearer protection from every kind of harm as well as attracting the power to succeed in all your endeavors. The BHRUM syllable is studded with cubic zirconia.
Look carefully and you’ll find that the syllable BHRUM carries within it the syllable BAM, which contains the power to protect you from all harm caused by evil local spirits, and black magic. The BHRUM syllable also contains the syllable HUM, which fulfills all your wishes and good intentions.
At the back of the locket is engraved the Great Increasing Jewel mantra, which brings wealth and success luck to its wearer. Inside the locket isthe auspicious Heart Sutra, which concisely condenses the universal cosmic wisdom for love, happiness and security.
Wearing this amulet brings protection from all kinds of harm, illness and being cheated, while cultivating patience, love, forgiveness. It has the powerful effect of creating greater happiness and satisfaction in your life.
Width: 0.5 cm
Length: 2.4 cm
Height: 4.0 cm
Weight: 55 grams
Make: Sterling silver, plated 18 K white gold set with grade A zirconia