Bejewelled 5 Dhyani with Amitabha Buddha Gau

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For protection against all harm and toxicity
Amitabha. known as the “Buddha of Infinite Light”, is the principal Buddha of Pure Land Buddhism. He is Head of the Lotus Family and resides in the West. His main attributes are longevity, love, compassion and enlightenment. Invoking his blessings protects against ill health, accidents, viruses and premature death. He creates a shield against negativity, black magic and toxic people, and imbues the wisdom needed to transform all relationships into joyful ones.
This special “Gau” contains Amitabha’s mantra “Om Ami Dewa Hrih” and he is shown together with the other 4 of the 5 Dhyani Buddhas as well as their mantras to bring complete luck and protection. Invite this precious Gau into your home to keep all the family safe from harm of any kind during these uncertain times.
Display in the home and/or office. It will neutralize any ill intentions from others towards you and transform enemies into allies. The presence of this precious home amulet will also go a long way to defusing any negative hidden energies that may be present.
· Weight: 860 grams
· Height: 12 cm
· Length: 9.5 cm
· Width: 3.5 cm
. Make: Metal