100 Ways To Improve Your Love Luck

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Lillian Too brings easily understood Feng Shui for anyone wanting to strengthen their luck in love and romance, and to attract genuine marriage possibilities into their lives. Those already married can use the enthrallment rituals within to improve their togetherness luck with their spouses; lovers can use this book to take their relationships to new levels of commitment; lonely people wanting an improved social life can use the tips within to improve their chances of meeting their soul mates. This is a fabulous go-to guide for instant and effective love feng shui.
Anyone wanting improved luck in their love life, wanting to meet exciting new love prospects and wanting better marriage luck should make this book their pocket companion.
With this book on LOVE feng shui, you can:
– Improve all your love relationships
– Enjoy a more enjoyable social life
– Learn techniques of enthrallment
– Connect meaningfully with a soul mate
–Ā Strengthen your ability to attract
– Be protected against bad people
– Enjoy dazzling marriage luck
– Overcome all third party interferences
– Keep loved ones loyal & faithful