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Year of Metal Ox 2021


Time really flies and soon it is going to be the year of the Metal Ox. Personally, I do look forward for 2020 to be over quickly as it has been a challenging year of the Rat – due to afflictions and effects of COVID 19 that is causing a lot of miseries to many people globally.
Thank goodness I have managed to remain very positive, doing my spiritual dharma practice, and have all the right cures & remedies in placed to suppress the bad vibes, and help to sail through this year’s challenging patches. Hey…just like anyone else, we as Feng Shui Consultant, are also afflicted by bad vibes and annual stars too! The advantage we have is that we know the right applicable remedies and when to lie low for all the bad “spell” to pass by.
Similarly, you too can be afflicted by different types of bad energies and annual stars and/or unfavorable mountain & water stars in your home and office. Therefore, it is important that you have the right basic fundamental knowledge in putting the right cures & remedies at the right time and the right place. Most importantly, you must make sure that you buy the RIGHT, GENUINE products. It really dismays me when I see so many irresponsible parties out there in the market selling fake and/or imitation Feng Shui products (just for the sake of making some quick bucks).  They do not seem to care or understand that by doing so, they are actually creating a cause for bad karma upon themselves, and also including those who are buying from them.
This is indeed one of the biggest fatal mistake.

Feng Shui Blunders

I often hear complaints on the reverse effects of those who buy Non-Genuine product remedies from irresponsible parties. They confided in me about their personal experiences on the products that they bought & some of the reverse effects that they experienced. I was so appalled and aghast when I also saw some of WOFS copyright products with “copied” mantras. The sacred mantras were so badly done, very distorted and incorrectly printed. It is truly disrespectful and I can imagine the harm and reverse effects for someone to be displaying, wearing and/or carrying such fake “copied” items.
I cannot help but to feel empathy especially to those who had innocently purchased the products (thinking that they are genuine WOFS products). They bought those products because they thought they were genuinely World of Feng Shui products simply because they saw pictures of Lillian Too being displayed in the shop together with WOFS magazines & books!
All of us do know that Lillian Too’s pictures are easily assessable. It is very atrocious for those who exploit her pictures for their own commercial gains – that can inadvertently cause negative impacts for those who purchase the Fake “copied” products.
I have seen enough of bad reversed effects of those who display, carry and/or wear fake products. So, please be AWARE of “copycat WOFS products” that are being sold in the market.
As the saying goes “Never Be Penny Wise, Pound Foolish”….. Feng Shui will only work well when the genuine right items (that come with pure yang energy) are correctly placed and coupled with pure good personal motivation

Tips in discarding your Old Feng Shui items

  • DO NOT throw your old Feng Shui items directly into the Rubbish Bin/Chute.
  • DO NOT clutter up your living space by simply discarding them into any sectors or corners of any rooms in your home.
  • Wrap them up and bury them. Alternatively, you can also wrap them up and throw them into the moving waters of a canal, river or sea. Throw them behind you and walk away without looking back. This signifies that you have got rid of your past unfavorable luck that has been absorbed by the old Feng Shui items.
  • Auspicious figurines such as Laughing Buddha, Kuan Kong, Deities, etc., etc., are best to be sent to the temple.
We at World of Feng Shui Singapore are more than pleased to help and guide you to ensure that you purchase the right cures, remedies and enhancers, coupled with helpful advice on the appropriate placements/installations in your home and work place.
Stay tune to our coming 2021 New Year package to ensure that your home and work place are always filled with good healthy yang energy throughout the year – resulting to abundance of good health, good prosperity, good business, good harmony, joy and happiness always.
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