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ION Orchard

Orchard Road is certainly without doubt, the busiest and most famed shopping area in Singapore, where all the best stores and latest boutiques with their latest prestigious brands & designs are located.
For those who have an eye for Feng Shui, will also certainly notice that a couple of these mega shopping malls structures do have Feng Shui applications & connotations as well.  One of the spectacular shopping mall located next to Wisma Atria is ION Orchard. Its size and uniqueness has made it the “center of gravity” in the retail scene in Orchard Road.
When this project was first worked on, we were given quite a tall challenging order.  It should look very modern, very contemporary and must appeal to the local shoppers, overseas visitors and tourists. It must have that great feisty sense of modern outlook and prodigious Yang retail business vibrations.
The faceted design helps to “refract” the poison arrows caused by the facing road junction, sharp building structure of Wheelock Place and direct facing of Tangs shopping mall entrance across the road.
Most of the pillars at the external & internal part of mall are rounded and that also include the external exit of the MRT station at the front of the mall.  The benches (sitting areas) outside the mall are wavy (helps to minimize “poison arrows”) and are in vibrant red colors.
One other popular attraction near the entrance of the mall is 6 effervescent multi colored figurines that represent lively Yang Shoppers to the mall. Number 6 was recommended as it is a number that represents “Heavenly Luck” in Feng Shui context. The multiple colors are in accordance to colors of 5 elements. Purple is being used to replace Blue for Water element, as Purple is known as color of “money” to the Chinese.
It is interesting to note that the dimensions of the figurines are also in accordance to auspicious measurements. Very propitious indeed to attract loads of Yang energy, loads of Yang shoppers and good business to the mall….!  These magnificent figurines are also now a popular hot spot for shoppers and tourists to gather and take photos.
One will also not miss the gigantic metal nutmeg sculpture at the external front of the mall – corner of Orchard Road & Paterson Road. The Nutmeg sculpture was placed here in reference to the historical background of this area, where it used to be a nutmeg plantation during the earlier days – back in the 1830s. Since this sector is afflicted by numerous “poison arrows” and is also in need of some metal element, it is auspicious to install this enormous metal nutmeg figurine here.
Nutmeg is commonly known to have some “healing & curative” powers.  Moreover, nutmeg was also recognized as the symbol of Trade Prosperity in ancient times. Similar to the 6 Yang figurines, this entire nutmeg also has very auspicious measurements, including an auspicious weight of amazing 1.88 tons!
The “Shoppers” Figurines and Nutmeg were being installed at very auspicious hour too, which is hour of the Dragon – very powerful and prosperous indeed for business!
The entrances into the mall are somewhat “recessed” and mildly tilted.  In this manner, the main entrances will not be directly facing the harsh energies coming from the road junctions of Orchard Road, Scotts Road and Paterson Road.  In addition, these entrance locations will not be in direct “confrontation” with Tangs shopping mall entrance and in confrontation with the pair of fierce Fu Dogs flanking the left and right side of Tangs entrance.  It will be disparaging if ION main entrances face directly with the pair of Fu Dogs and Tangs entrance.
You will also notice that the mall is deemed to be elevated on higher ground coupled with several external steps leading up to the entrance of the mall. This is also very beneficial as this symbolically means that lots of wealth, prosperity and good business are constantly increasing /climbing up for the mall.
ION Mall also benefits from the tall residence apartment tower at the back. The apartment tower is deemed to be the “support” for the mall.  In this context, the mall will always have solid prosperous support and resources.
With all the good balance of superb modern contemporary Feng Shui, it is no wonder ION Orchard is always bustling with remarkable Yang energies, spectacular business activities, loads of shoppers & visitors and abundance of zest & prosperity.
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