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TV Shows in Indonesia

ATN Indonesia received the privilege from Indonesia’s Media giants (Metro TV & Jak TV), to give interesting modern Feng Shui talks to their TV fans for the Lunar New Year of the Tiger. (‘Imlek’ is the Indonesian equivalent for Lunar New Year)
In one of the most populated country in the world, Indonesia is the land where people of multi-facet culture and practices co-exist harmoniously; offering opportunities of all kinds. The art of ancient Feng Shui is prevalent and is embraced predominantly by the Indonesian Chinese and also indigenous race, alike.
Our Senior Consultant & distinguished guest speaker in the TV shows, Amelia Neo, was not only able to give the TV audience a quick understanding of Feng Shui, but also enthused them with simple but effective answers to the numerous queries that streamed into the TV Studio, in both Bahasa Indonesia and English language. As the TV coverage involved different provinces, Amelia Neo had a good time interacting with a fairly large segment of the Indonesians during the TV sessions. Inevitably, the TV shows have already opened a succession of brief introductions to the Indonesian community about our modern Feng Shui business in Jakarta, and it would not be long before the new-found fans find us to serve them with our wide-arrayed of modern Feng Shui services !
We have installed the TV show video clips for your viewing pleasure……..

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