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Good Feng Shui Portraits

A Grand Family Portrait hung in the living room can bring an auspicious ambience of Family Happiness, Togetherness, Wealth Increment & even Higher Social Standing. And when Good Feng Shui accompanies the color composition and lighting, portraits can bring a sudden rise in fortune as well. Here are some portraits tips to keep in mind……..
In the old days, only very wealthy families or members of high social standing had family or individual portraits commissioned, and because during those old days, photography had not been invented, these would often be painted by reputed & popular artists. Thus, getting the painting of the Family, or the Patriarch or the Lady of the House was indeed a very expensive indulgence. But it was also an aspiration of good fortune as hanging portraits of oneself or the family was the ultimate symbol of success. So, this is great way to create excellent family Feng Shui……..
Nothing works better at keeping family together then having a very large and beautiful photograph or painting of the whole family hung up in the family or living room. With every member looking their best and showing an air of happiness, the image will create an effect on the consciousness of everyone in the family.
The family portrait that shows every member together and smiling creates the cause for the family to be always together and be closely bonded to each other. This is a very effective way in ensuring the family always stays together no matter what happens. A really large family portrait also has the power to protect members from premature misfortune, especially when hung on a premier living room wall, facing a ‘bright hall’ with good Feng Shui.
It is also a good idea to show an auspicious setting that reflects ambience of luxury, wealth and power. This can be the Patriarchâs skill, his wealth, his high office or the family lineage (ancestry). If the picture is taken outdoors, ensure there are no âcloudsâ created directly above the people in the picture.
There should not be any exposed beams or shelves âhittingâ at the portrait when it is hung up. These can be deemed “Poison Arrows” to the family members in the Portrait.
Tips For Taking GOOD FENG SHUI Portraits
  • Make sure every member of the immediate family is in the picture
  • Mother & Father should be seated and children to cluster around them
  • It is important for the Father to wear formal attire – looking successful
  • It is important for the Mother to wear bright colors (preferably Red), including family jewels â looking âgrandâ, elegant & sophisticated
  • Sons should look bright, happy and bright eyed
  • Daughters should look modest and sweet
  • Mother and Father should look happy, be close and affectionate
  • Everyone should be smiling broadly
  • The whole family arrangement for the picture should be triangle, circle or square.
Tips For Hanging Family Portrait
  • It is best to have the size of Portrait (including the frame) in auspicious dimensions. It should be large enough to have a lasting impression and to dominate the energy of the room.
  • The best place to hang a family Portrait is where the family members spend a lot of time together when they are at home. The area must be well lit (especially by natural light). Indirect natural light gives the portrait regular Yang energy.
  • The Living Room is an ideal place, but the Portrait must not face directly to the main door. This indicates that that the family prefers going out of the house rather than staying together in the house.
  • Ensure that the Portrait is not hung underneath the staircase, underneath an upstairs toilet/bathroom, etc. It should also NOT face the Toilet.
  • The Portrait should NOT be hung directly facing the sharp edge of a protruding corner or directly under an overhead beam or exposed piping. Such âpoison arrowsâ can cause severe problems.
  • The Portrait should NEVER be hung above the altar, as this is deemed as disrespectful.
  • It is best for the Portrait to be hung facing the Wealth & Success direction of the Father or Mother.
  • Do NOT have the family Portrait directly facing the kitchen and the cooking stove as this brings negative energy o family members.
  • Finally, always check if the family Portrait has been hung in a location or facing a direction that is afflicted for the year. For example in 2011, East is terribly afflicted by bad misfortune and is rather unlucky. Therefore, during the year the family Portrait should not be hung in the East sector or facing East. Thus, updating the location of your family Portrait is important. This is also a good thing to do as it revitalizes the chi energy of the Portrait considerably.

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