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Basic Feng Shui Guideline in Looking For your Ideal Home


The external surroundings of your home exert a huge influence in your life. It affects your personal health, your happiness, your prosperity and your success. It also has effect on the opportunities that come to you.Selecting a house with good Feng Shui should therefore, play an important role in your house buying decision.
Feng Shui is a living skill that has in recent years become very popular and widely practiced. When it is literally translated, it means âWindâ & âWaterâ â and this refers to the environment of surrounding land, mountains, buildings that generate the Chi or Cosmic energy that determines whether oneâs home has good or bad Feng Shui.
When you buy a new house, it is important to take note of some basic guidelines. Look out for poison arrows. The modern environment today has many types of structures that can become poison arrows that will affect your home. They do not just take the form of triangular rooflines, sharp edges, tall buildings or even a tree directly blocking your door or driveway. Sometimes they can also be caused by the hostile design of the building opposite you, or the transmission tower rising high in front or near your house.Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for âkilling energyâ which can really hurt your luck.
Listed here are some basic Feng Shui guidelines that will be useful for all new home buyers:
FIRST – Check out the roads that surround the house. Is there a road that is directly facing any part of your house? Is the house facing a T-Junction or a straight road? The house should not be âhitâ by any oncoming straight road that is aimed directly at the house. If it is, you are not advisable to buy the property even if you are âofferedâ a very special price.
SECOND – Look for a house that is on ground that is level with the road, or higher. Houses that are situated on the side of a hill or where the back slopes away from the house are âlosing groundâ.It is better to get a house where the back is higher â i.e. a mountain or a building, rather than an open space behind.Such open space should be in front of the house. If land behind is lower, the house is likely to cause problems for its residents.
THIRD – Water in front is better and water should flow pass the facing of your home from right to left if the house face a secondary direction (i.e. Southeast, Northeast, Southwest & Northwest). It should flow the other way (from left to right) if the house is facing a primary direction (i.e. North, South, East & West). An incorrect flow of water can create problems & difficulties for the house residents to achieve success and do well in their career. Water flow also refers to monsoon drains as well.
FOURTH – Check what is at the front or facing the house. If the house is facing an open space or has a wide-open area at the front, then it will have a âbright hallâ effect. This is considered excellent Feng Shui and very auspicious that can bring incredible good luck.
FIFTH – Make sure that the design of your house fade does not âthreatenâ the house at the opposite (i.e. by having sharp point features or triangular roofline). This can easily cause the neighbor to retaliate with unfavorable cures (such as Pa Kua); which can then in return hurt you and family.
LASTLY – Use a good compass and make sure that you check the correct facing of your house. You should buy a house that faces your favorable directions. (refer to chart below to calculate your Kua number and your good facing direction)

The above are just very simple guidelines to take note and very easy to follow for beginners or amateur practitioner. Purchasing a new house is a very big and probably a major financial decision to take.It is thus, definitely worthwhile to seek the help of a reliable Feng Shui Consultant to carry out a thorough Feng Shui Audit of the home that you wish to purchase. This can save you many years of aggravation and unfavorable luck. As in any profession, the best is to use a Consultant with good integrity and who offers follow-up services. It helps if you yourself already know whether the Consultant that you engaged has the advanced knowledge and expertise to audit your home.
WOFS SINGAPORE conducts classes and seminars on Modern Feng Shui.  Our courses are fun, easy to understand and effective. Consultation services are also available to audit your properties.
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