Mandarin Ducks with Peony Print

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The thread weaving color enamel handicraft picture is a brand new craftwork based on the ancient techniques of cloisonne, from which the embedding technique is borrowed for reference.  What is original, however, lies in the fact that the picture is a piece of art with its unique elaborately designed style, logo, color, and specification of various kind.  It is made by metal thread and natural colored stones and series of sepcified work thoroughly.

The workmanship is so complicated that every subtle part if the picture is handmade.  This reveals the unique style and valuableness of the color enamel handicraft picture, namely no use of machinery at all during the whole manufacturing process.  Eventually, every picture is a piece of art as well as a fine craftwork. 

A pair of Mandarin Ducks symbolize happiness in love and suggestive of romance, devotion, affection, conjugal fidelity, togetherness and enduring love. Mandarin ducks live in couples and mourn the loss of their mates, which is why the bird has long been regarded as the most traditional and the most potent symbol of love and married bliss in Feng Shui practice. 


Material:  Environmental-friendly raw materials (wood, natural colored stones, metal alloy thread)

Measurement:  54 x 74 x 4 (cm) 


**Cleaning Notes

As main material, the alloyed wire with hardly faded color is handled after oxidation and natural galze and do not require special maintenance.  Cleaning procedure should be taken as follows:

  1. Use a soft brush to gently brush off the dust of the picture surface.  Do not use wet cloth.
  2. Avoid using any hard/sharp objects to avoid scratches/damage on the picture surface.

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