Garuda with Jewel (XME-BZCG) 2016

The Garuda Bird is a powerful celestial protector that can subdue illness and spirit attacks caused by nagas.

  • In 2015 - especially important for those born in years of Snake and Dragon who are afflicted by the illness stars.
  • In 2016 - very important for all houses to have the presence of the Garuda Bird to suppress illness vibrations.
  • Excellent to be placed in the Southeast (2015) and centre of home (2016) to protect against epidemics, skin diseases and illness.

Care instructions

  • Clean periodically with a damp cloth and then wipe dry.
  • Exposure to humid conditions will tarnish the polish over time.
  • Coat with a light layer of tarnish protector to maintain shine.

Make:  Alloy

Dimensions:  15 x 8 x 11.2 (cm)


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