9 Tara Mandala House

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The Goddess Tara is known as the Swift Liberator. She brings extremely quick help to those to venerate and supplicate her. Tara brings success, good fortune and protects against physical and emotional dangers. This beautiful Golden Mandala House of TARA features the prolific GREEN TARA in the centre and the Eight Inner and Outer Taras who protects from the eight inner and outer dangers. 
  1. Tara who overcomes the danger of Floods (Attachment)
  2. Tara who overcomes the danger of Fire (Anger)
  3. Tara who overcomes the danger of Lions (Pride)
  4. Tara who overcomes the danger of Snakes (Poisons)
  5. Tara who overcomes the danger of Elephants (Stupidity)
  6. Tara who overcomes the danger of Imprisonment 
  7. Tara who overcomes the danger of Thieves 
  8. Tara who overcomes the danger of Demons

Invite this Mandala into your home and place it it in a respectful place. Making regular offerings to Tara's Mandala House, chanting her mantra OM TARE TUTTARE SOHA and her daily praises activates the all powerful immediate blessings and protection.

Make:  Alloy

Dimensions:  19 x 19 x 24 (cm)

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