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This is the first Tara of the 21 Taras who grants empowerment that bring you authority and helps you gain the respect of others. Pray to her to help you attain conditions conducive to benefiting others. Measurement: 10.5cm x 7.5cm x 6cm Ma..
This exclusive Vairocana Stupa is embellished with the 8 Auspicious Symbols and protects against harm. It helps safeguard against violence and pacifies all conflict situations, ensuring they do not escalate beyond repair. Inside this stupa are very p..
Display the White Umbrella goddess crystal ball to protect you from danger. she carries the victorious parasol that shields us from all forms of catastrophes, diseases, spirit harm and misfortune. Her mantra dispels harm misfortune brought by gossip ..
The Rhinoceros is a powerful symbol of protection against robbery, accidents, office politics, backstabbing and enemies which are all part of the violent effects of the malicious #7 Flying Star. Feng Shui masters recommend using the mighty ..
The rhinoceros is a powerful symbol of protection against robbery and accidents.  Carry this Rhinoceros with you to stay protected at all times.  You can also display it in your car to keep people with bad intentions from entering your car ..
A Buddha statue is often used as a tool for meditation.  Buddha statues are symbols of Buddhisms founder Siddhartha Gautama who taught us that by eliminating all desires from our lives we are able to reach Nirvana. Nirvana is the end of all suff..
Drinzangma is the long life sister who grants wishes, makes everything auspicious and brings authority in all things. Her body is red in colour and she carries a wish-fulfilling jewel while riding on a doe. She repels all ill-effects of bad omens and..
Being the longest living insect, it is a popular emblem of long life and immortality in Chinese.  the Cicada is a powerful emblem for great comebacks and an amulet for protection against betrayal, politics and backstabbing. If you who have be..
 This coin amulet has all the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac and the names of their corresponding Earthly Branches on one side while the reverse side bears the eight trigrams of the Ba Gua.   Material:  Brass ..
Absorb the argumentative energy of the number 3 star in the South West this year by displaying this beautiful crystal ball with flaming fire. Perfectly round crystal balls invite harmony and smooths out rocky relationships.   Material: &nb..
The Faceted Crystal Ball can also be used to deflect Star Chi from poison arrows caused by sharp edges of furniture and buildings.  Hang the Faceted Crystal Ball near windows in your living room or dining room to catch the rays of the potent ..
Crystal balls are excellent earth energy enhancer and become even greater in Period 8 (which is ruled by earth energy from year 2004 to 2024). Round crystal balls ensures good tidings and smooth riding in your endeavours. Designed with the 8 Aupiciou..