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These are wonderful for activating a positive flow of Chi to actualize all your wishes. This RED jewel is perfect for creating the energies you need for success in the public arena. For an aspiring actor, musician, artist, writer or public figure tha..
This beautiful flag of KING GESAR contains the complete set of King Gesar mantras and brings enormous commercial luck to those who hoist them up in their homes or office buildings. It should be hung up outside one's premises as high as possible w..
Signifies Opening Up a Mountain of Good Opprotunities that can potentially bring abundance of Opportunities for political, business and career succes. Dimensions:  47 x 26 (inches)   ..
This beautiful red plaque invokes the special blessings of the Nine Powerful Deities. By placing this in your office and reading the text daily, you generate power in your speech and attract friends and benefactors who will support you in all your ac..
In 2015 the multiplying Star of Future Prosperity flies in tnto the Southwest benefitting all Matriarchs and couples.  The 9 is a fire star, and when it enters the SW, it strengthens the Southwest's intrinsic energy.  Capture the luck o..
In 2015 the multiplying star of future prosperity flies into the Southwest benefiting all Matriarchs and couples. The 9 is a fire star and when it enters the Southwest it strengthens the Southwest's intrinsic energy. Capture the luck of 9 star by..
The Crane has always been associated with high rank and elevation of status.  This special enhancer features the eight auspicious emblems and the Crane of the highest order which is the 9th rank.  It attracts the luck of career advancement...
In 2015, Chinese New Year begins after the 4th February, so the year is deemed to be missing the all-important Lap Chun. When a year starts off without spring it is considered an omen of poor harvests. Traditionally, "spring" amulets a..
This potent amulet scarf subdues dangerous gossip that undermines your authority and ability to succeed.  It brings you the power of speech and the skill to transform enemies into allies.  Wear it around your neck or under your shirt so the..
The Royal Crown activates the luck of authority and promotion brought by the Big Auspicious. Place in the North location to activate the two Big Auspicious Stars located in this sector.   Make:  Alloy ..
King Gesar ruled the kingdom of Ling in eastern Tibet around eight centuries ago. He was believed to be one of the manifestations of Guru Rinpoche. Displaying King Gesar of Ling in your house will bring swift success and fame & recognition. He al..
In 2015, the Tree of Wealth is features the colours silver and purple to create the homonym "Ngan Chi", which means money. This beautiful tree activates the wealth element of the year, and ensures that your investments continue to grow and ..