Flying Star Updates for February 2016

1st Month of the Bing Shen Fire Monkey Year (4th February 2016 - 5th March 2016)



The combination of the double #1 here brings good career and income luck. There will be breakthroughs, especially for those in research and development, and those learning a new skill. Place a water feature here for wealth luck. To boost career luck, display a Dragon Victory Baton or Mountain Painting behind your work desk to give you soil support and an edge in negotiations. However, avoid having too much alcohol, as there is a possibility of mishaps caused by excessive drinking. Place an All-Metal six-Rod Windchimehere to control over-indulging.


This month brings excellent money luck from heaven, which promises monetary gain and even an unexpected windfall. Display Qui Ren Plaque in the South of the family room to actualize the good luck here. If your main door is located here, place a wealth ship sailing in near the entrance of your home to symbolize wealth having entered your house. Try to spend more time here; it will bring business success and career progress. However, too much metal can be harmful for this sector, so avoid placing any large metallic objects here.





The luckiest sector of the month is doubly lucky because the year #8 combines with the month #8 star. This makes the Southwest incredibly auspicious this month, bringing serious wealth and money luck to residents of this sector and of houses with main doors facing the southwest. This combination is especially good for accumulating properties, so this is a good time to invest in real estate. Spend more time in this area this month and energize by displaying a 3 Vases with Double Fish or Water Wave symbol.


This month brings auspicious indications of fame and good news to those living in the East. Career luck is good and promotions at work are possible. Romance and relationships go smoothly. Display a pair of Mandarin Ducks here to activate for love, while place a Dragon Mural Wall to encourage great good fortune to ripen. However, do not activate this area with too much fire energy or it could lead to an accident caused by fire. Place a Natural Crystal Point here to help balance out the elements.





The monthly illness star threatens to cause serious stomach upsets and abdominal pains. Display a Bejeweled Garuda or Medicine Buddha Stupa here to counter the yin energy. Pregnant women should avoid this sector as there are dangers of miscarriage and abdominal problems. Avoid staying in this part of your house this month if your bedroom is located here. Serious injuries caused by accidents are possible. Drive carefully and slowly while you are on the road. Display Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant amulet in your car to protect against any accidents.


Occupants will enjoy romance luck, as the stars tend to make you very attractive to the opposite sex. If you are looking for love, activate this sector with a Dragon & Phoenix Ingot figurine and wear an 18K gold Double Happiness Symbol. But beware you do not place too much water here as this could lead to sex scandals caused by the presence of third parties. Students will benefit greatly from this combination and excel in examinations and academic ventures. Display a 7 Level Pagoda with Scholastic objects to enhance study luck for children.





The deadly month five yellow combines with the annual five yellow to form a very dangerous combination, perhaps even life threatening, especially to young male family members. Display amulet and keep one under your pillow if your bedroom is located in the Northeast. Male members could suffer serious illnesses or meet with serious accidents. Display Golden Mantra Pillar here to exhaust the afflicted earth energies and Bejeweled 9 Spoke Dorje to overcome these unlucky stars. Display Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant amulet in the car to protect from dangers.


There is a combination of two violent stars here, making their effect doubly potent and doubly dangerous. They threaten to cause fighting, violence, robbery and even death. The male is the worst affected. Those living in houses facing north or those with bedrooms in the north should try to avoid overworking and be very careful when working with metals objects. Place an Anti-Burglary Totem here. There are also risks of kidney problems. If your main door is located here, stick the Anti-Burglary Sticker your entrance to protect against break-ins.





This will be a month of arguments and conflict for all family members. If the northwest area of your home is an open-spaced concept, the discord could get serious. Small disagreements could lead into major fights, and even lead to legal problems. Avoid too much noise in this area. Definitely do NOT play music or switch on the TV in the northwest sector this month. There is danger of gossip, slander and quarrels. The stars also indicate a possibility of violent fighting and armed robbery. Display a 9 Deity Invocation Plaque to control this affliction.



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