Year of the Monkey 2016 Forecast


  • The Year of the Fire Monkey has plenty of money making opportunities but it is also a very sickly year. Place Medicine Buddha Stupa in the centre of your home and carry Good Health Keychain with you.

  • Water is missing from the main chart, so it is vital to surround yourself with water. Wear Blue and carry your cash in the Water Dragon Wallet.

  • Male Leaders and CEOs have a difficult time this year due to the #3 star visiting the Northwest. There will be lawsuits and contract suspensions for many top CEOs. Male CEOs must carry the Water Element Power Amulet to safeguard their positions of power this year. Do not hang windchimes in the NW this year.

  • Women are very strong in 2016. Those in leadership roles will see great success and prosperity coming this year. This must be activated well with lots of yellow Crystal Balls in the Southwest!

  • Eldest Daughters do very well this year, with the Victory Star in the Southeast. Women in their 40-50s benefit from promotion and career success.

  • Eldest Sons will have lots of opportunities to thrive but there is not enough staying power to succeed. Strengthen with Victory Dragon Baton in the East.

  • Youngest Sons must take care and carry Golden Pagoda Mantra keychain for protection as the vicious Five Yellow visits the Northeast this year.

  • Young ladies, especially youngest daughters will see big marriage prospects improve this year.

  • The Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) moves to Southwest 3 – the direction of the Monkey. You should display either the Tai Sui Plaque here or a pair of Pi Yao on a coffee table to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter. This is especially important if your main door, or your kitchen is located in the Southwest.

  • The 3 Killings resides in the South and brings 3 kinds of obstacles to your life if your main door faces South. If the South is your bedroom, dining room or living room, it is also important that you place the recommended cures. These would be the 3 Celestial Guardians Plaque or the 3 Divine Guardians.


The new chart takes effect from Feb 5th 2016. To maximise your luck for the year, it is vital to update the feng shui of your home. Start by first disarming all the afflictive stars and then enhance the good stars! 

When reading each forecast, bear in mind that the stars affect you if any one of the following scenarios apply to you:
  1. Your entrance is facing that direction (i.e the #3 star affects you if your house is facing Northwest)

  2. Your entrance is located in the sector (i.e. the #7 star affects you if your entrance is located in the North sector even if it is facing a different direction)

  3. Your bedroom is located in the sector

  4. The star visits your animal palace. For example if you are a Sheep, then the prosperity 8 in the Southwest (Sheep location) brings you good fortune.



As a defensive strategy, the first step is to identify all the bad stars that trigger misfortune and then disarm them using elemental and symbolic cures.
  1. The #3 STAR OF WAR in the NORTHWEST 

    #3 is the argumentative star and this comes to the Northwest corner in 2016. If your bedroom, main door, dining or living room is located in this part of the house, you can be sure that your house will suffer the effects of this very irritable star. Tempers will be short and misunderstandings easy to happen. It can seriously affect relationships of the people at home and create disharmony. To correct this star, what we need is to display the 9 Deity Invocation Plaque, the 3 Harmony Animals or the Red Tara lampin this part of the home. 


  2. The ILLNESS 2 in the CENTER 

    The Black star of Illness flies to the center this year bringing with it the potential of frequent illness affecting the residents of the home. This star needs to be strongly controlled as it is strengthen by the earth element of the center. Remove the red carpet from the center that you placed there in 2015. In its place display the Garuda Bird,Bejeweled Medicine Buddha Stupa or the Bejewelled Orgyen Menla here. 


  3. The #5 Misfortune star is in the NORTHEAST 

    The #5 Misfortune star is in the northeast this time around and brings severe misfortune and accidents if your main door, living room or bedroom is located here. Control this star with the Golden Mantra Pillar or the Dorje. Display them on a low table to ensure that misfortune does not visit your home or family members.


  4. The VIOLENT STAR #7 in the NORTH 

    This is the Violent star and it brings financial loss, getting cheated, and robbery luck to homes that have this #7 star where their main door is located. Flying to the North corner, this can also affect your career if your living or bed room is located here. Display the Anti Burglary Plaque or place the Dragon Tortoise Totem with Rhino & Elephant on a coffee table. You can also stick up the Anti Burglary sticker if you have an exterior window located here.


Enhancing the good stars maximise your potential for getting the best out of the year! In the same way as how bad stars affect you, these stars bring out the best in you if your bedroom, entrance, living room or animal palace is here!

    The Auspicious Wealth star #8 visits the southwest this year and brings plenty of good fortune to those whose home faces southwest or has a main door located there. It is also of great benefit if your living room or master bedroom resides in the southwest. Further enhance the good luck of this star with the Double Fish & Water symbol Vase or the Bejewelled Vasudhara facing your main door to improve wealth and abundance.


  2. The DIVINE STAR 6 in the SOUTH 

    The Divine star #6 brings heaven luck to your home if your main entrance, living room or bedroom is located in this part of the home. This star brings you the good luck having benefactors and excellent networking luck. Display the Qui Ren Plaque on a coffee table and hang up the 6 Rod Metal & Crystal windchime to further enhance the effects of this lucky star.


  3. The White Star 1 flies to SOUTHEAST 

    The auspicious white star flies to the Southeast this year and brings with it victory and success luck. If this part of your home is where your main door, living room or bedroom is located, you can be sure your success luck will be very strong. Because it flies to the southeast, this means that wealth luck is also enhanced or that your income will increase. Enhance the effects of this star with a Water feature or by placing the 3 Victory Flags or with the Dragon Victory Baton in this part of the home. 


  4. The Romance and Scholastic Star 4 in the WEST 

    The Wisdom star #4 comes to the West and if your children’s study room or bedroom is located here, they will benefit from excellent study luck this year. If this is where your main door, living or bedroom is located, then you will benefit from good relationships. For those who are still single, they should tap into this star by displaying theirPeach Blossom animal here. You should place the Bejewelled 7 Level Pagoda with 4 scholastic Objects in this part of the home to benefit your children’s education luck. For married couples, enhance your marriage with the Dragon & Phoenix with Ingots on a low table.


    The Luck multiplying star flies to the east in 2016 and this #9 star can bring you the luck of upwards mobility in your career as well as future prosperity. Hang up the 9 Dragons Mural in the east to enhance and place the Wishfulling Cow with Cowry shell on a low table.

This Forecast is with Courtesy from WOFS.COM.SDN.BHD