Flying Star Updates for May, 2015

4th Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (6th May 2015 - 5th June 2015)



Another good month for this sector. The white star brings career advancement and literary luck. Display a Tortoise or Dragon Tortoise here to boost career luck. For students, place an image of Kuan Kung Holding a Book or a Lotus Root to boost study luck. Health luck may not be so rosy, but you can keep the illness star under control with a Garuda Wu Luo in this area. Watch your diet and try to avoid unhealthy habits. Wear the Medicine Buddha Pendant to protect against ill health and accidents.


The lucky heaven star favors everyone who stays in this area. However, if faced with a competitive situation, you should make your move early in order to topple the competition. Display an image of a Tortoise behind you if your office is located in this sector. This will provide firm support from your bosses. Display your allies and secret friends to gain support from your contemporaries. Beware however of the excess of metal chi here which can bring violence and conflict. Keep knives and sharp ornaments away from this area.





This month, prosperity luck pays this sector a visit, bringing good news, many happy occasions and reasons for celebration for those who live in this area or whose main entrances are located in this sector. Enhance with Lotus Flower with Carp. Or fill a bowl with Gold Bars to activate for wealth luck. Females will enjoy a wonderful time at social gatherings. Business and money luck are good but guard against clashes with your elders. Display still water to balance out the energy here. Make sure your water features here are clean.


This month the stars combine to form the sum of ten, creating energies that are powerful, bringing auspicious career and money luck. Business luck is also good for those residing in this part of the house. Place a 9 Peacock Painting in this area to bring you good fortune luck. Health-wise, you are advised to keep early nights and avoid eating supper. Stress and too much food will be detrimental to your health. Display a pair of Golden Wu Lou at the side of your bed to protect from falling sick. Enjoy the month as luck is excellent!





The illness-bringing star joins with the argumentative star this month bringing havoc into your personal and business relationships. Remedy this with 7 Royal Emblem Plaque. Marriages and close relationships will suffer from worry and pressure caused by the Chi of conflict. Wear or display the Mystic Knot Symbol to maintain the peace. It will also be a rough and bumpy ride for those of you who are involved in politics. Capture the bad stars with a display a Red and Gold Laughing Buddha in this sector.


It is better month for this sector as the unluckiest month of the year has passed. Overall luck improves in the areas of love and literary luck. Enhance the energies here with an Aventurine Tree or Crystal Globe. Writers and students will find this month better in terms of productivity, creativity and opportunities to excel. Likewise, money luck will improve as well. Enhance this area with a Bejeweled Crab or a Wealth Cat to bring you wealth and business luck. Young couples will see romance blossom in this sector.





It will be an unfortunate month for those residing in this sector, as the monthly five yellow star brings illness and misfortune, particularly to male members of the family. Place a Heart Sutra Pillar here and hang a 6 Rod Metal Windchime to control the negative chi and to bring the luck of vitality. Take care of stomach. Avoid engaging in high risk investments. Anxiety can lead to fights and arguments resulting in mental stress or emotional trauma. Display an image of Chung Kwai for protection. The family will benefit 


The robbery and violent star flies into this sector bringing high possibility of armed robbery. Be extra careful with household security if your front door is located here. Keep the violent chi under control with an active water feature. Young ladies are advised to carry the Blue Sodalite Rhinoceros for protection against harm. Keep money and jewellery in the safe. You are likely to lose money from competition in the next few weeks. Position a pair of Fu Dogs flanking your entrance for protection. Enhance money luck with a Ship of Good Fortune.





The monthly star of conflict creates tension and the possibility of a romantic scandal causing heartache to the whole family. The excess of wood energy here brings severe emotional stress caused by aggression and relationship problems. Use the 7 Royal Emblem plaque to control the problematic chi. However, the good chi from the annual literary star helps bring success in academic and literary ventures. Students will fare well from spending time in this sector. Display a Wen Chang Pagoda on here for examination luck.


The Forecast is with Courtesy from WOFS.COM.SDN.BHD